How do I check the status of my Premier credit card application?

How to check your First Premier credit card application status: Call customer service at (800) 987-5521. When prompted, press “1” for English. When prompted, press “3” and enter your Social Security number to check the status of your application.

How do I know if my credit card application is approved?

How will I know if my credit card application has been approved or rejected? After the bank goes through all the details you have provided, you will receive an email, SMS, or a letter from the bank stating whether or not your application has been approved or rejected.

How long until my premier bank card arrives?

You will receive your debit card 7-10 business days from the date that the new account is funded.

What credit score do you need for premier bank?

At Premier Bank, we get asked this a lot. A credit score of 640 or higher usually allows you to qualify for most loan products, but a credit score of 680 is typically viewed as a “good” credit score.

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What is the $95 program fee for First Premier Bank?

Additional Card Details
Credit Limit Program Fee Annual Fee
$300 $95 $75 first year, then $45
$400 $95 $100 first year, then $45
$500 $95 $125 first year, then $49
$600 $75 $79 first year, then $49

1 more row

Does Premier credit card do a hard pull?

Yes, the First Premier Bank Mastercard does a hard pull on your credit when you apply for it online. You can apply with a bad credit, but a hard pull usually causes your credit score to further drop by 5-10 points.

What is the easiest credit union to get approved for?

  • Credit unions with easy membership requirements.
  • Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Superior Money Market Account.
  • Alliant Credit Union.
  • Bethpage Federal Credit Union.
  • Blue Federal Credit Union.
  • Connexus Credit Union.
  • Consumers Credit Union.
  • Hope Credit Union Savings Account.

What credit score do you need to get a synchrony card?

What’s the Synchrony Bank credit card credit score requirement? It depends on the credit card you are interested in. Most credit cards offered by Synchrony Bank are designed for people with fair (640 – 699), good (700 – 749) or excellent (750 – 850) credit.

What’s the eligibility criteria required for opening a Premier Current Account?

Am I eligible for a premier current account? Eligibility for premier accounts is typically based on either having a minimum annual salary of at least £75k per year (with the monthly salary being paid into the account), or having a sizeable mortgage, savings or investments with the bank.

Does First Premier require a deposit?

The primary appeal of First Premier cards is that they are “unsecured.” That means that, unlike secured credit cards, they don’t require an upfront security deposit.

How much money do you need to have a Barclays Premier account?

You can join Premier Banking if you have an income of £75,000 or £100,000 held with us.

How do I get a Barclays Premier black card?

Eligibility To be eligible for Premier Banking, you’ll need an annual gross income of £75,000 or more paid into a Barclays current account, or £100,000 or more saved or invested with us. Take advantage of our exclusive Premier mortgages, loans, savings accounts and home insurance.

How much cash can I withdraw from Barclays Premier account?

Premier customers can withdraw up to the standard limit of £1,000 a day and Business customers up to £750 a day. When you’re travelling, the withdrawal limit in some countries may be lower than in the UK. Please note that you can edit your daily cash machine limit in the ‘Your cards’ section of the Barclays app.

Is Barclays Premier worth it?

Not worth the paper it’s written on

Premier used to be a great service, but Barclays have gradually cut the benefits to virtually zero. All you get now is a black debit card, a higher cash withdrawal limit and a free £500 overdraft. Oh, and UK call centres.

Does Barclays do a hard pull?

Yes, Barclays does a hard inquiry when you apply for a loan. This credit report inquiry will likely drop your credit score by about 5 to 10 points, but you’ll be able to get back on track with a few months of on-time payments.

Is Barclays better than Chase?

Barclays scored higher in 9 areas: Overall Rating, Culture & Values, Work-life balance, Senior Management, Compensation & Benefits, Career Opportunities, CEO Approval, Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook.

Is Citi or Chase better?

The bottom line: Citi® offers more compelling savings accounts and CDs than Chase for earning interest. Citi also makes it easier to waive monthly service fees on checking accounts. Both banks have been involved in public controversies and are tied for trustworthiness.

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