Does GameStop still have a credit card?

GameStop Cardmember Benefits

**For new accounts, as of 10/2022 Variable Purchase APR of 29.99% based on the Prime Rate. Minimum Interest Charge is $2. Credit card offers are subject to credit approval. GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Capital Bank.

Is GameStop credit card easy to get?

Best for people with fair credit.

As is the case with most store credit cards, you can get approved for the GameStop PowerUp Card with just “fair” credit. And since people with fair credit should prioritize low costs over other credit card features, this isn’t a bad choice for folks focused on credit-building.

Are PowerUp Rewards worth it?

It’s one of the best places to shop, not only for gaming deals, but also PC builds, collectibles, and so much more. If you’re already a GameStop shopper or you’re a deal-savvy gamer looking to save even more, then you should definitely consider signing up for the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro program.

What is the GameStop PowerUp card for?

The GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card is an extension of the retailer’s loyalty program, offering multiple points for purchases. The GameStop credit card is good only at physical GameStop stores or the GameStop website. The GameStop credit card has two membership levels: Basic and Pro.

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How many dollars is 10000 GameStop points?

$10 in Rewards from the 10,000 Welcome Points.

How do I use my GameStop PowerUp Rewards?

To use in-store, present your PowerUp Rewards membership information (such as your phone number) to the store associate and they can apply it for you, or you can present the code found in your PowerUp Rewards account.

Can I use a GameStop PowerUp Rewards card?

Holders of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card can use the card only to make in-store or online purchases with GameStop. Unfortunately, this means that the card is effectively useless for any purchases outside of GameStop.

Do GameStop cards expire?

The goods news is that GameStop gift cards do not expire. If you have a gift card that has been sitting around for a while, do not feel pressured to quickly use it. As long as GameStop remains in business, the gift cards will be a valid form of payment.

Can you use a GameStop card on steam?

Otherwise, the transaction went smoothly. No complaints from me. Was this answer helpful? Yes, you can purchase a Steam Card with your GameStop gift card.

Why can’t I redeem my GameStop rewards points?

A: Points can take up to 72 hours to reflect. If you still don’t see the points, be sure to log-out and back in.

Does GameStop $5 monthly reward expire?

This includes new games, pre-owned games, accessories, hardware, collectibles, in-game currency, full-game downloads, and more. Unfortunately, the $5 coupon expires every month, so you’ll need to use it or lose it.

How do I redeem GameStop credit?

Can I use GameStop trade credit on Amazon?

Amazon and GameStop have partnered to provide GameStop customers the opportunity to transfer their trade-in store credit into their online Amazon balance. GameStop is just the latest retail outlet to sign onto Amazon’s growing effort to expand its Amazon Cash program.

Can you get cash for GameStop credit?

You can get a GameStop Credit Card cash advance at any ATM using your card and your PIN code. You can also take your card and ID to a teller at your local bank to ask for a cash advance.

Can you use GameStop gift cards on Amazon?

Important information. This card can be used to purchase merchandise only in the U.S. GameStop stores listed below or at either or Except where required by law, it may not be returned, redeemed for cash, or applied as payment on any account, and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

What stores take GameStop gift cards?

This gift card is redeemable only for the purchase of merchandise only in the U.S. at GameStop, ThinkGeek, EBGames, Babbage’s, EBX, and Planet X stores and online at and Card does not expire or impose any fees.

Can you buy a GameStop gift card with a Target gift card?

Target GiftCards cannot be used to purchase any prepaid or specialty gift cards. If someone claims that you should pay them in Target GiftCards, please report it at

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