What is TMZ’s net worth?

In September 2021, WarnerMedia sold TMZ to Fox Entertainment in a deal valued at roughly $50 million.

What do the letters TMZ stand for?

The term “Thirty Mile Zone” originated in the 1960s, when due to the growth of location shoots, studios established a “thirty mile zone” to monitor rules for filming in Hollywood.

Who owns the TV show TMZ?

Fox Corporation

What is TMZ known for?

TMZ on TV (also known as TMZ on Fox and simply as TMZ or TMZTV) is an American syndicated entertainment and gossip news television show that premiered on September 10, 2007 (its major carriage is among television stations owned by Fox’s).

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How much do TMZ employees get paid?

How much does TMZ pay? The average TMZ salary ranges from approximately $77,099 per year for an Associate Producer to $122,946 per year for a Producer. The average TMZ hourly pay ranges from approximately $22 per hour for a Production Assistant to $37 per hour for an Associate Producer.

How much money do TMZ reporters make?

TMZ Salaries
Job Title Salary
Reporter salaries – 1 salaries reported $68,217/yr
News salaries – 1 salaries reported $68,996/yr
Video Logger salaries – 1 salaries reported $67,806/yr
Data Entry salaries – 1 salaries reported $41,089/yr

What is the best celebrity gossip site?

  1. TMZ. Some sites have a reputation for always being the first with the latest celebrity news, and in the case of TMZ, it’s highly justified.
  2. E! Online.
  3. People.
  4. Page Six.
  5. Perez Hilton.
  6. US Weekly.
  7. Dlisted.
  8. PopSugar.

What is the TMZ in Hollywood?

The studio zone, also known as the thirty-mile zone (TMZ), is an area defined by a 30-mile (48 km) radius of “Hollywood” used by the American entertainment industry to determine employee benefits for filmwork done within it.

Is TMZ safe?

If you’re being treated with TMZ, you have an increased risk of developing a type of pneumonia known as pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (PCP). This is an infection of the lungs, caused by a fungus that’s common in the environment. It can cause infection in people with weakened immune systems.

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