What does Diana and Roma parents do?

Roma and Diana both appeared in early videos on the Kids Diana Show channel. Kids Diana Show via YouTube. Before they ran a YouTube channel, Volodymyr, 44, was an IT programmer, and Olena, 36, worked as a marketing manager for a construction company.

Where do Diana and Roma live now?

Well she’s originally from the Ukraine but now lives in the US with her brother Roma, 8, star of his own successful YouTube show Kids Roma Show, along with parents Olena and Volodymyr who don’t use their surname for privacy reasons.

Is Roma and Diana twins?

Eva Diana Kidisyuk (born 31 March 2014), known online as ✿ Kids Diana Show, is a Ukrainian YouTuber. Together with her brother Roma (born October 22, 2012) and parents Volodymyr and Olena, she hosts several YouTube channels producing roleplay-oriented children’s content.

Do Diana and Roma live in Dubai?

Originally from Ukraine, the family behind the channel lives in Dubai for the last 3 years.

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Does Diana and Roma have a big sister?

Diana and Roma are left with their older sister Maggie.

How old is Diana from kids show?

March 31, 2023. Eva Diana Kidisyuk, popularly known for her “Kids Diana Show” YouTube channel, was born on March 31, 2014. She is one of YouTube’s youngest and most successful stars. Her parents started the YouTube channel to preserve and share memories of her, and it quickly found success as an entertainment channel.

Is Kids Diana Show good for kids?

ParentsTogether recommends being more selective with your kid’s viewing on this channel, but there is good content there if you look for it. Kids Diana Show is a hugely popular channel based out of Ukraine. The videos feature Diana, a cute little girl who takes her audience on lots of pretend play adventures.

What grade is Diana and Roma in?

Roma and Diana goes to their Kindergarten Graduation. They have learned a lot and had an all around great time! Roma is graduating from his preschool today and celebrates moving up to 1st grade.

How old is Diana from Roma and Diana 2022?

8-year-old Diana, her brother Roma, and their parents are on the fast track to international fame after hitting it big on the video platform.

Where was Diana and Roma born?

History. Olena and Volodymyr Kidisyuk started making YouTube videos as a hobby when Diana’s brother, Roma, was born. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Diana first appeared in a video in 2015 when Olena launched a YouTube channel to share videos of Diana with friends and family.

What is Roma age?

Roma Asrani biography, wiki, age, family details
Name Roma Asrani
Profession / Occupation Actress, Serial Actress
Date of Birth 25 August 1984
Age (2020) 37 Years
Place of Birth Trichy, Tamil Nadu

Who is the most famous kid Youtuber?

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Is Vlad and Niki Russian?

Vlad and Niki is a YouTube channel featuring Russian American-born brothers Vladislav Vashketov (born February 26, 2013) and Nikita Vashketov (born June 4, 2015). Their parents, Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, originate from Moscow, Russia and run 21 YouTube channels in 18 languages.

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The most-subscribed channel as of December 2022 is T-Series, an Indian music video publisher operated by the entertainment company of the same name. With a subscriber count of 230 million, the channel has held this distinction since April 14, 2019.

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