How much money has Grease made over the years?


Who made the most money from Grease?

John Travolta is worth $170 million

Travolta starred in “Stayin’ Alive” (1983), “Pulp Fiction” (1994) and “Hairspray” (2007), among more than a dozen others. According to Conn, Travolta also negotiated additional profits from “Grease” into his contract, which allows him to still make money from the film today.

Did Grease make a lot of money?

To date, Grease has grossed $189,969,103 domestically and $206.2 million internationally, totaling $396 million worldwide.

How much money is Grease worth?

“Grease” was the movie of the summer of 1978 and launched its cast into the Hollywood stratosphere.

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How much did Grease car sell for?

The “Hell’s Chariot “ hot rod from the 1978 movie Grease sold on eBay over the weekend for $180,100. You could buy two Teslas for that! The shell of the 1949 Mercury redesigned by custom carmaker Eddie Paul was found last year and restored in Palm Desert.

Do Grease actors get royalties?

He still gets royalties from anything ‘Grease’ related

And while he and his costars were set to make millions in royalties off of the franchise, there was trouble in poodle skirt paradise when Olivia Newton-John, the Sandy to Travolta’s Danny, sued Universal Music Group Inc.

How much did Grease cost?

Grease only cost $6 million to make, but has taken in $400 million internationally to date, making it the highest-grossing movie musical of all time.

What company owns Grease?

Paramount Pictures

Why was Grease so successful?

Even today, Grease remains a cultural sensation that resonated with youth across the world. Everyone wanted John Travolta’s swagger, men wanted their hair greased back in the style of the 70s, leather pants became the rage, the songs were young and fun, and love was the most popular emotion.

Why did Elvis turn down Grease?

At the time, Elvis was in his 40s – and while he was still performing to thousands of people in Las Vegas, his health had been deteriorating. However, he turned down the offer from producers. It had been a while since Elvis had done films, and perhaps if he wasn’t the main star then Colonel Tom Parker wouldn’t be keen.

Who turned down the role of Danny in Grease?

There’s one role that got away that still pains Winkler: Danny Zuko in “Grease.” In a recent interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, Winkler revealed he rejected an offer to play the “Grease” leading man, a role that would go on to make John Travolta a huge movie star.

What was the biggest hit from Grease?

The most successful songs from the soundtrack were written specifically for the film. They included the Billboard number-one hits “Grease”, “You’re the One That I Want” and the Academy Award-nominated “Hopelessly Devoted to You”.

Is Grease the greatest musical of all time?

The Greatest Showman is the world’s most loved musical, according to new research. A total of Spotify hits on the top song from the 2017 movie exceeds those for rivals such as Grease and La La Land.

Did Travolta sing in Grease?

Yes. John, now 64, sang alongside Olivia Newton-John and the rest of the cast in the iconic blockbuster. However, he wasn’t always supposed to sing “Greased Lightnin’.” According to a recent article written by Variety, John stole the part from one of his co-stars.

Did Richard Gere ever play in Grease?

The year was 1973, Grease was the word and a young American actor was heading to Coventry to make his UK stage debut. Richard Gere was a fresh-faced 23-year-old at the time and landing the part of Danny Zuko in rock ‘n’ roll musical Grease was his big acting break.

What beach was Grease filmed on?

The film’s opening was shot at Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu, arguably the most filmed beach in movies and television.

Where is the real Rydell High?

Rydell High is actually three different real Los Angeles high schools. The facade is Venice High School, the interior is Huntington Park High School, and the field is John Marshall High School. Sandy and Danny at the school dance.

Was Rizzo pregnant in Grease?

At the end of the school year, a carnival is held; Rizzo is seen on a Ferris wheel, revealing to Kenickie that she isn’t pregnant.

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