How much money does Britney Spears give Kevin Federline?

Child Support Reports

After Spears and Federline divorced, and the latter obtained custody over their children, Spears was reportedly paying Federline $20,000 a month in child support, as well as tuition fees, school costs and funds for extracurricular activities, according to TMZ.

What does Kevin Federline do for a living 2022?

As of 2022 Kevin is was reportedly a DJ. He was seen performing a set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. The former dancer has attempted to break through the music world multiple times over the years with little success. He released his last single, Hollywood, in 2016.

How is Kevin Federline rich?

Kevin Federline is a multi-talented American-born star with an estimated net worth of $ 6 million. He is a rapper, actor, fashion star and dancer. His wealth was primarily acquired from his multiple skills in different areas of entertainment. He is widely recognized as the former husband of Britney Spears.

How much is Kevin Federline paid?

“I work as a DJ. My income this year is approximately $3,000 per month, which I earn by traveling to various entertainment venues around the country and providing musical entertainment,” he said.

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Who is Sam Asghari net worth?

Sam and Britney’s spears’ total net worth is around $62 million and more.

Sam Asghari Biography.

Net Worth $2 Million
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 198 Pounds
Profession Fitness Trainer
Date of Birth March 4, 1994

How much does Britney Spears Dad get paid?

In addition to being paid $16,000 a month for his role as Britney’s conservator, Jamie also received a percentage of his daughter’s tour gross revenues.

How much does Britney Spears conservator get paid?

In 2021, The New York Times reported that Jamie Spears was in receipt of a salary worth “about $16,000 per month, plus $2,000 a month for office space rent” from the conservatorship.

How much does Britney Spears father make?

The saga with her family is far from over. Britney has also alleged that Jamie Spears took millions of dollars that she made. TMZ reports that her father collected $6 million during the 13-year conservatorship.

What does Britney pay her brother?

According to NBC4 Washington, a court ordered that Bryan be paid US$200,000 for services rendered to Britney before her nearly-14-year-long conservatorship, which began in 2008.

Who owns Britney money?

Federline was given sole custody of her children, and she was later admitted to a psychiatric ward under a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold. That’s when California court placed her under a conservatorship with her father, Jamie Spears, and her attorney, as co-conservators, which gave them full control over her assets.

How much of Britney’s money did her family take?

Britney Spears is coming for her family at full throttle. The singer’s attorney Mathew Rosengart filed documents ahead of Wednesday’s conservatorship hearing claiming that her father/former conservator, Jamie Spears, and the lawyers involved took more than $36 million from the estate over the 13-year period.

Who pays for Lynne Spears house?

Lynne Spears, Britney’s mother, has been living in a “mansion” paid for by her daughter. In an August 2021 filing, Jamie Spears (via his lawyers) said Lynne had been living in a house paid for by Britney for the past 13 years, located a short drive from where the family grew up.

What was Britney’s monthly allowance?

Forbes has reviewed court documents which lists the salary as $16,000 per month, which amounts to $2.4 million over the course of the conservatorship. Jamie’s office is thought to have costed Britney $2,000 per month, adding another $300,000.

What does Britney’s boyfriend Sam do for a living?

He works as a personal trainer, model and actor

Asghari’s fitness journey helped introduce him to modeling, which would eventually lead him to meet Spears. As a model, he booked roles in two 2016 music videos: Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” and Spears’ “Slumber Party.”

Where does Sam Asghari get his money?

Asghari’s net worth is only $1 million, according to The Sun. He makes his money through modeling and a fitness company, Asghari Fitness, charging clients $9 a week or $36 a month for a personalized fitness program and meal plans.

How old is Sam Asghari?

28 years (March 3, 1994)
Sam Asghari / Age

What did Kevin Federline do before Britney?

Early work and musical debut. For a number of years, he served as a backup dancer for Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child, Pink, and LFO. Federline initially released a download-only song, “Y’all Ain’t Ready”, and a physical single, “PopoZão” in 2006, shortly after his marriage to Spears.

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