How much money does a Beachbody coach make?

Average Beachbody Coach monthly pay in the United States is approximately $3,000, which is 45% above the national average.

Is becoming a Beachbody coach worth it?

Someone who loves the products and wants to help their friends and family get healthier. If this is you and you’re thinking “Should I become a Beachbody coach?” The answer is a resounding yes.

How much do top 10 Beachbody coaches make?

Beachbody Ranks & Income Potential
Rank Potential Weekly Earnings Potential Annual Earnings
7 Star Diamond $9,000 $468,000
8 Star Diamond $10,000 $520,000
9 Star Diamond $11,000 $572,000
10 Star Diamond and above $12,000 $624,000

How much do top 5 Beachbody coaches make?

Beachbody makes it quite clear, though, that the amount of money that you can earn as a Beachbody coach is up to you. While the top-earning Star Diamond coach earned over $3 million, the average earnings for a coach at that rank in the same year was just over $10,000. That’s a pretty big range.

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Do Beachbody coaches make money from on demand?

Coaches will receive 40% commission of the retail price on Beachbody On Demand subscription plans. The retail price used to calculate applicable commissions is the most current pricing of BOD on and only.

What perks do Beachbody coaches get?

Some of the perks of being a Beachbody Coach are:
  • 25% Discount.
  • Ability to Help Others.
  • Accountability & Support.
  • New Relationships.
  • Ability to Earn Trips.
  • Opportunities to Meet the Trainers.
  • Personal Growth.
  • Flexible Hours.

How much does a 9 star Diamond Beachbody coach make?

Below is the Weekly Potential for Beachbody Coach Ranks in Team Cycle Bonus.
Beachbody Coach Ranks Potential Weekly Income from Team Cycle Bonus
6 Star Diamond $8,000
7 Star Diamond $9,000
8 Star Diamond $10,000
9 Star Diamond $11,000

What is the highest rank in Beachbody?

Rank levels range from “Coach” up to “15 Star Diamond Coach“. They have a direct impact on the amount of compensation a Coach may earn, and may also be a qualifier for participation in various Beachbody programs and promotions. Rank levels are recalculated weekly.

How much does a diamond Beachbody make?

Potential Weekly Earnings-Team Cycle Bonus
Rank Potential Weekly Earnings Potential Annual Earnings
Ruby $1,000 $52,000
Diamond $2,000 $104,000
1 Star Diamond $3,000 $156,000
2 Star Diamond $4,000 $208,000

How much do 5 star elite Beachbody coaches make?

What are the Different Levels of Beachbody Coaching?
Beachbody Coach Rank Potential Weekly Team Cycle Bonus Per Business Center Potential Annual Team Cycle Bonus Per Business Center
3 Star Diamond $5,000 $260,000
4 Star Diamond $6,000 $312,000
5 Star Diamond $7,000 $364,000
6 Star Diamond $8,000 $416,000

What is the hardest programs on Beachbody?

Core De Force: It’s the most challenging MMA workout. Hammer & Chisel or 80 Day Obsession: Two more challenging and well-rounded programs for both strength and cardio.

What happens if my Beachbody Coach quits?

The cancelling Coach will lose their place in the genealogy and will no longer contribute towards their Sponsor’s rank. The sponsor will no longer receive TV, but will begin to receive PV and EV from any future orders. The Sponsor will not inherit any Success Club points earned by the cancelled Coach.

How often do Beachbody coaches get paid?

See FAQ 3884 for more details. Note: BODi commissions will count towards subscription commissions,which is labeled as “BOD subscriptions” in the Coach Office. Commissions are paid out each Thursday after that bonus week has closed. The bonus week runs from 12:00am ET on Thursday to 11:59pm ET on Wednesday.

Do Beachbody coaches have to buy Shakeology?

No. To be an active Coach, the CBC (Coach Business Center) must accumulate and maintain a minimum of 50 PV (Personal Volume) points or more within the Bonus Qualification Period. PV can be earned from personal and/or personal retail orders, which do not necessarily have to be Shakeology. Was this answer helpful?

How much is it a month to be a Beachbody Coach?

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Team Beachbody Coach? Signing up to become a Team Beachbody Coach costs $39.95. After 30 days, you’ll be automatically billed $15.95 per month to the credit card you provide.

What happened to Beachbody?

A three-way merger between Forest Road Acquisition Corp, Myx Fitness Holdings and Beachbody was entered into in February 2021, which valued the new business combination at $2.9 billion.

Is Beachbody free with Amazon Prime?

After you’ve connected the Beach body on Demand app to your TV, you can access the content through the app. However, unlike the free Beach body on Demand app, it is not free with Amazon Prime. To access the content, you must pay a monthly fee.

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