How much does an NFL ball boy make?

As of Nov 26, 2022, the average annual pay for a Ball Boy in the United States is $38,823 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $18.66 an hour. This is the equivalent of $746/week or $3,235/month.

Do NFL Waterboys get paid?

Former NFL player Jake Thieneman claimed in a TikTok clip that an average NFL water boy makes around $53.000, noting that the actual figure depends on the team’s status and the applicant’s experience.

Do NFL Waterboys travel with the team?

NFL waterboys travel with the team to away matches and have the opportunity to take part in the camaraderie. NFL waterboys are provided with two free game tickets each year. They can also receive free souvenirs such as jockstraps and jerseys that they can keep, trade, or wear.

How much do NFL kickers make?

Highest-Paid NFL Kickers: Salary Rankings, 2022
Rank Player Total Cash
1 Chris Boswell $9.9 million
2 Younghoe Koo $8 million
3 Justin Tucker $6.8 million
4(t) Jason Myers $4 million

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How much does a NFL cheerleader make?

But they’re not that well financially rewarded. According to various reports, a professional NFL cheerleader can earn around $75,000 a year. But a supporting cheerleader is only paid around $20,000 a year. Professional cheerleaders are paid a salary of around $15-20 an hour.

Do NFL kickers make good money?

But it is important to remember that these are simply the tip of the iceberg. There are 32 place kickers and 32 punters around the league, plus guys on the practice squads, many of whom who are earning the league minimum, bringing the average salary for an NFL kicker to $860,000.

Are kickers paid well in the NFL?

What do NFL kickers make on average in 2022? In total, the 44 kickers on the books in the NFL for the 2022-23 season make around $110 million combined. That puts the average kicker salary at around $2.5 million.

Who is the highest paid NFL kicker of all time?

NFL Player Earnings
Player Earnings Total
1 Sebastian Janikowski Kicker 2000: R1, #17 $53,285,137
2 Adam Vinatieri Kicker 0: Undrafted $51,131,999
3 Robbie Gould Kicker 0: Undrafted $47,779,977
4 Mason Crosby Kicker 2007: R6, #193 $44,498,884

What is the lowest paid NFL position?

What NFL position has the lowest average salary? At the bottom of the salary leaderboard is special teams, averaging $2.775 million. Among the special teams contingency, kickers consistently occupy the highest-paid spots over punters and long snappers.

Do NFL players get paid weekly?

They earn a weekly salary but only during the season with conditions set on whether they play and how they perform. Like other workers they get bonuses that are paid outside the regular schedule of payments. In order to understand how NFL players get paid, a look at different parts of their contracts is needed.

How much do left guards make in the NFL?

Left Guard Contracts
Player Team Avg./Year
Joel Bitonio Browns $16,000,000
Joe Thuney Chiefs $16,000,000
Laken Tomlinson Jets $13,333,333
Andrus Peat Saints $11,500,000

How much do NFL stadium janitors make?

The base salary for Janitor I in companies like MAJOR LEAGUE FOOTBALL INC range from $27,713 to $35,854 with the average base salary of $31,012.

What NFL position makes the most money?

NFL’s highest paid players by position (average annual salary): Quarterback: Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers – $50.3 million. Interior defensive lineman: Los Angeles Rams’ Aaron Donald – $31.7 million.

How much do NFL stick holders make?

In the NFL, most chain gang members make an average of $75 to $100 per game. This price includes arriving 90 minutes early to the game, checking the chain for kinks, making sure backup sticks are prepared, and meeting with the down judge.

How much does a towel boy make in the NFL?

How much does the NFL towel boy make? According to the statistics, the salary of an NFL towel boy is similar to that of an NFL Waterboy. That means an NFL towel boy can make $53,000 a year.

Who is the highest paid NFL referee?

Who Is the Highest-Paid NFL Referee? The highest-paid NFL referee reportedly is Brad Allen. Walt Anderson did top the list up until the end of the 2021-2022 season when he retired. Both refs made about $250,000 for the 2021-2022 season.

What do Super Bowl refs get paid?

There are various reports, but the lower end of those reports places an NFL official’s salary at around $3,000-5,000 per postseason game. Meanwhile, the higher estimates place a Super Bowl salary for an NFL referee at around $50,000.

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