How much do Twitch streamers make?

Streamers in the top 100 on the platform make a minimum of $32,850 USD per month on Twitch via subs, bit donations, and ads alone. Streamers in the top 1000 on the platform made a minimum of $7,063 USD per month. Streamers in the top 10,000 on the platform make a minimum of $904 USD per month.

Is Twitch a good way to make money?

The amount of money you can make on Twitch depends heavily on how many viewers consistently tune into your livestreams. The larger your audience, the larger your income. Popular Twitch streamers can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring income each month.

How much do small Twitch streamers make?

A “small” streamer on Twitch earns between $50 and $1,500 a month. The more subscribers and donations they have, the bigger their earnings.

Is it hard to earn on Twitch?

There’s a lot of money floating around in the video game streaming market but it can be tough to get a good chunk of it. You can earn money streaming on Twitch but many don’t consider the upfront cost of equipment, taxes and fees. It takes a lot of showmanship, as well as equipment, to become a profitable streamer.

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How much does a Twitch streamer make with 1000 viewers?

How much streamers make will depend on many different factors, but for a streamer who averages 1000 views, they can expect to make $2,500 per month (before Twitch fees) if half of their followers are also subscribers.

Is Twitch profitable 2022?

Global Twitch IAP revenue as of Q2 2022

In the second quarter of 2022, Twitch generated approximately 65.13 million U.S. dollars through in-app purchase revenues worldwide. The app version of live streaming platform Twitch is available for iOS and Android devices worldwide.

How many followers do you need on Twitch to make money?

At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days. An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days. At least 50 Followers.

How much does 1 SUB make on Twitch?

Subscription levels vary: you can subscribe for $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 per month. Twitch takes 50% of the subscription fee, meaning an individual streamer makes $2.50, $5.00, or $12.50 per subscription.

What pays better Twitch or YouTube?

For streamers, without an established audience, most find it faster to start making money on YouTube. For small, active streamers Twitch takes a 50% cut of sub revenue while Youtube only takes a 30%.

Does Twitch pay you per hour?

Twitch’s 10 highest earners earn an average of $1,477 per hour of streaming. Even when you even the earnings out across the top 50, you still get an average rate of $732/hour.

Who is the biggest streamer on Twitch?

As of November 2022, the most-followed channel belongs to Ninja with over 18.4 million followers.

Does Twitch pay you a salary?

That depends on the streamer. On average, expert streamers can make between $3,000 to $5,000 each month playing around 40 hours a week. That specific number doesn’t include ad revenue, which averages about $250 every 100 subscribers.

How much money is a 1000 subs on Twitch?

On average, Twitch streamers make $0.01 per bit, but occasionally they are worth more. Advertising revenue varies, just like on any other channel, but on average, Twitch streamers make around $250 per 100 subscribers. This means a Twitch streamer with 1,000 subscribers could make $2,500 just on ads.

How do I become a successful streamer?

🤩 How to become a successful live streamer
  1. Streaming goals: Before you start your streaming journey, set some goals.
  2. Niche: Figure out what will make your channel unique.
  3. Personality: Your personality is a big part of why viewers show up.
  4. High-quality content: The bar is high for live streaming content these days.

Are Twitch streamers millionaires?

According to the leaked data, the top 81 streamers each earned over $1 million through Twitch since late 2019. The top five earned more than $5 million each. While the financial information was explosive, it’s not news that some streamers rake in millions.

Who is the richest female Twitch streamer?

Highest earning female Twitch streamer is earning almost £1 million annually from subscriptions alone. Taking a look at our research a little deeper, we discovered that the highest-earning female Twitch streamer from the last year is the German DJ, Producers and streamer Sintica.

How do I know when Twitch will pay me?

Payouts are made 15 days after the end of the month of revenue being earned. For example, if you earn at least $50 with most payout methods or $100 with wire transfer on April 5th, the payout will be initiated 15 days after April 30th, which is May 15th.

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