How much did Elizabeth Holmes make from Theranos?

After the fall of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth went from a reported $4.5 billion to $0 as of 2022, according to Forbes.

What did Elizabeth Holmes net worth?

What Is Elizabeth Holmes’ Net Worth? See How Far The Theranos Founder Has Fallen Since Her Criminal Trial. At one point, she was worth $4.5 billion. Elizabeth Holmes, the 37-year-old founder and former CEO of Theranos, is set to be sentenced on Nov.

What was Theranos highest value?

Founded in 2003 by then 19-year-old Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos raised more than US$700 million from venture capitalists and private investors, resulting in a $10 billion valuation at its peak in 2013 and 2014.

Who lost most money on Theranos?

Story: Big name investors among Theranos biggest losers

For instance, the Wall Street Journal reported, the Devos family lost an estimated $100 million in their investment while Murdoch lost $125 million and the Walton family lost $150 million.

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How much money did Safeway lose with Theranos?

Former Safeway Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steven Burd sank $400 million on his dream of transforming his grocery store chain into a one-stop shopping destination for food, blood-testing and drug prescriptions in partnership with Theranos Inc.

When was Theranos 10 billion worth?

July 8, 2015: Capital BlueCross, a Pennsylvania insurer with 725,000 customers, chose Theranos as its preferred lab work provider. Theranos was valued at $10 billion.

How much did Walgreens lose in Theranos?

In June, the companies reached a tentative settlement in which Theranos would pay Walgreens less than $30 million, people familiar with the deal told The Wall Street Journal. However, the terms weren’t finalized and could change, the WSJ reported.

How much money did Theranos steal?

In March that year, Holmes settled civil charges from financial regulators that she had fraudulently raised $700m from investors. But three months later she was arrested, along with Mr Balwani, on criminal charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Who were Theranos biggest investors?

Nearly a decade ago, Holmes raised $945 million from high-profile investors including the family of former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Rupert Murdoch and the Walton family of Walmart fame.

Who broke the Theranos story?

It was John Carreyrou, twice-Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist of The Wall Street Journal who first broke the story in 2015.

Was Elizabeth Holmes a billionaire?

Back then, Theranos was a revolutionary idea thought up by a woman hailed as a genius who styled herself as a female Steve Jobs. Holmes was the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire, and Theranos was one of Silicon Valley’s unicorn startups, valued at an estimated $9 billion.

How much money did Theranos investors lose?

Theranos recorded net losses of $16.2 million in 2010, $27.7 million in 2011, $57 million in 2012 and $92 million in 2013, according to Spivey, who also goes by Danise Yam.

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