How can I make money with my speaking voice?

How to Make Money With Your Voice Online
  1. Selling your services as a voice-over artist on Upwork, Fiverr, or another freelance marketplace.
  2. Marketing yourself as a voice-over artist on (a freelance marketplace devoted solely to voice acting and voice-over work).

How do you market your voice?

Consider this your Couch to Mic guide. Here are ten steps that can help you market your voice-over skills:
  1. Give yourself permission to talk about your work.
  2. Make the time for marketing your voice-over skills.
  3. Define what success looks like and track your progress.
  4. Get clear on what your brand is.
  5. Connect with people.

What voice-over work pays the most?

According to Voices, Gravy for the Brain, and BunnyStudio, here are some expected ranges:
  • Radio spot: $250–$350.
  • TV commercials: $100–$10,000.
  • Audiobook: $2,000–$5,000.
  • Video games: $200–$350/hr.
  • Starring role in animated feature film: $10,000.

Can you get rich as a voice actor?

Your salary will be slightly less if you’re entry-level, but it can get significantly higher the more experience you garner. The top 10% of voice talent can be pushing their annual earnings to $90,000 or even into six-figure territory.

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Can you make a living off voice acting?

Many people make a great career out of VO. Typically you’ll need a lot of experience to land full time jobs and earn a steady voice actor salary. But, you also might find that you can make more money contracting and being a freelancer for your talent than getting paid a salary.

Is being a voice actor worth it?

Projects can be financially lucrative.

Some commercial voice-acting work can be incredibly lucrative, paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for recording a brief spot for national radio and television commercials.

Is it worth getting into voice acting?

Benefits of becoming a voice actor

There are a lot of professional and personal benefits that come with voice acting. You can work remotely. Starting a career as a voice actor is often possible while working from home. It’s easy to create a home studio with affordable recording software to use on your projects.

How much money does a voice actor earn?

$90 000 is the average voice actor salary an experienced artist earns annually. $13,500 is the lowest amount paid annually to a voice actor. $217,000 is the highest amount paid annually to a voice actor. $23,000 to $111,500 is the average voice acting salary annual range in the United States.

How much money does a voice actor make a year?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $206,000 and as low as $13,500, the majority of Voice Actor salaries currently range between $30,000 (25th percentile) to $106,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $187,500 annually across the United States.

How many hours do voice actors work?

How many hours do voice actors work? It depends, but most jobs can take anywhere from 1-5 hours, and at $200/hr, that’s $200-1000 per gig.

What are the requirements for voice acting?

As noted above, voice-over actors don’t need a formal degree as long as they have a talent with their voices. Some actors may choose to pursue degrees in acting, theater, or voice studies, but oftentimes, taking regular voice or acting lessons or courses is enough when combined with practical experience.

Where can I sell my voice?

How to get paid to record your voice
  • Upwork. Upwork is the world’s largest online platform for connecting freelancers of all types with clients who need their services – and this includes if you’re looking to get paid to record your voice.
  • Fiverr. What is this?
  • Voice 123.

What are 3 qualities you need to be a successful voice actor?

7 Qualities Every Successful Voice Actor Should Cultivate
  • Resilience. Resilience and drive are found in abundance in successful voice talent.
  • Focus. Build a set of realistic goals.
  • Adaptability.
  • Work Ethic.
  • A Sense of Play.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Confidence.

Can you do voice acting with no experience?

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to become a voice actor from home, even if you have no experience. If you like making voices, you’re a pro at reading books aloud with different voices for all the characters, or you love mimicking other people and characters, you’re in a good place to start a voice acting career.

Is voice acting harder than real acting?

Voice acting is a form of acting that requires you to do so much with so little. You need to express emotion, beauty, clarity—you need to have all the qualities of a stage actor—but only with your voice. Some may argue that stage acting is harder, but voice acting seems to be the more difficult kind.

Do you need a headshot for voice acting?

Don’t do it.

A headshot can complicate matters where the only thing that’s being sold is voice, not looks. This is one of the reasons why some voice actors genuinely feel it’s a disadvantage to show your face on your site.

What do voice-over artists look for?

Below you will find an overview of the most important skills and abilities that a professional voice-over artist needs to have.
  • Perfect diction.
  • Tone modulation and voice intensity.
  • Adaptation of the rhythm of speech.
  • Professional voice-over artist must adapt to different projects.
  • Meeting the expectations of the customer.

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